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What Happens When Border Patrol Finds Drugs?


Border protection remains one of the top priorities of American states that are close to the Mexican border, such as Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico. The Mexico Border Patrol is an ongoing operation that is the highest priority of the United States Border Protection Agents.

Task forces and border protection teams have found ways of protecting the border. It is still true, however, that illegal immigrants come into the United States in record numbers that rise on a yearly basis. A number of these illegal immigrants who try to sneak into the country undocumented have criminal histories as well.

Many of those criminal histories involve the illicit use, sale, or possession of drugs. Along the Mexico border, Border Patrol Agents detect large amounts of drugs being smuggled into the United States on a regular basis.

Branches of border protection that are the busiest often deal with the prevention of crime.

Border protection officials have admitted that the amount of attempted drug smuggling has risen in the area. They believe it is because of the large stretch of desert that occupies a section of the Southwestern United States. Because illegal immigrants mainly try to smuggle drugs through deserts, Border Protection Agents often find these illegal immigrants severely dehydrated, sick, or even dead in attempts to illegally cross the border

The illegal immigrants carrying the drugs were taken into custody by the border protection group after being caught in a desert. The border protection Agents have theorized that the rise in the possession of large amounts of drugs for use of sale and distribution that these illegal immigrants try to bring into the United States is due to the current economic crisis that the United States is facing.

Many illegal immigrants want to come into the United States but feel that the only way that they will have financial gain is through the sale of illegal drugs; Border Protection Agents try to prepare themselves for this.

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