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Types Of Vehicles Available to Border Patrol

Types Of Vehicles Used

The job of border security patrol can be a dangerous one, and just like any occupation that requires specialized equipment, the border patrol agency utilizes an array of vehicles. The border security patrol operates a huge fleet of trucks and SUV's. Border control vehicles that can handle tough terrain are a must for the border security patrol on account of the areas on which they will be likely be driving.

These border patrol vehicles have other special features besides durability; it is common for each truck or SUV to have an individually-revolving light system to be implanted into the border security patrol vehicles. This light, which is similar to a siren, may also be accompanied by sirens or light bars.

The tires of these border patrol vehicles are extremely unique. These specialized tires almost act as a tracking device would by having built in wireless communication sets. The sets are able to send data specifically to a central control room, providing a new form of safety for the border security patrol.

Many border patrol vehicles have some of the same things that regular police cars are equipped with. This equipment in these border patrol vehicles can include radars for detecting speed, a breathalyzer for administering blood alcohol content tests, and emergency first aid kits. Many regular police officers have the use of cars such as a Ford Crown Victoria, a car that is known for being able to travel at high speeds. But border patrol vehicles are usually required to be tougher in terms of handling terrain.

The border security patrol occasionally uses other vehicles besides SUV's and trucks. The other means of transportation at their disposal are small boats, motorcycles and snowmobiles. During times when a small area needs to be investigated, a border security patrol agent may even use a horse.

Small areas that can be hard to maneuver on a border patrol vehicle may be easy for a horse to handle. The United States border security patrol has 205 horses that are used for security purposes. They are predominantly located near the Mexican

Border security patrol utilize special colors for their border patrol vehicles; it is easier for others to detect them that way. These border patrol vehicles have a green stripe which is the length of the border patrol vehicles. They might also have diagonal green stripes on the doors of the border patrol vehicles. Most of these vehicles are painted white, making the green stripes stand out.

Because of the wide range of situations that a border security agent may need to handle, a variety of vehicles must always be kept on hand.

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