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Can You Afford a Deportation Lawyer?

Affording A Deportation Lawyer

As noted, once an individual is served with a deportation order, one of the first things they may want to do is find a good deportation lawyer. Finding a good deportation lawyer, though a difficult process, is a process that many consider worth the trouble. There are many things to take into account when hiring a deportation lawyer, though.

For instance, many immigrants in America have incomes that put them below the United States poverty level. For an immigrant with limited funds, cost will be a big factor when hiring a deportation lawyer.

A deportation hearing and case can be lengthy. Some lawyers charge on an hourly basis, billing a client for the number of hours worked. This number of hours does not just mean the number of hours spent in the courtroom. When a deportation lawyer begins working on an individual’s deportation hearing, they keep track of all the hours that they spend working on the case in general.

This includes everything from time spent on necessary paperwork to phone calls that must be made when working on a deportation case. Finding out what the deportation lawyer is going to charge is necessary when choosing one. It is important to keep in mind that some deportation lawyers may charge less money because they are not as experienced as a more expensive deportation lawyer, or may simply do so as a means of competition.

Deportation costs can vary greatly. Consultations are sometimes free, although there are deportation lawyers that charge for the initial consultation. It is during this consultation that the client should find out the estimated costs of fighting a deportation order.

Due to the many different deportation defenses that can take place, it is hard to offer an average cost for hiring a deportation lawyer. Since deportation lawyers are often willing to work on a sliding scale, the hourly cost may be cheaper when hiring a deportation lawyer, as opposed to, for example, a criminal defense attorney.

A deportation lawyer takes into account what the individual facing deportation can afford and charges an amount that he or she feels is fair when pertaining to the individual’s income. Most deportation lawyers will not quote a fee to a potential client until they have an actual meeting or consultation with them to get the facts of the entire case.

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