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Information about Deportation Hearings

Information About Deportation Hearings

It is often said that information is power, and since deportationimmigration courtcriminal

Deportation rulings are issued by an official Immigration Judge who presides over one of more than 50 Immigration Courts in the United States. The various immigration courts which confirm orders for deportations are overseen by the Executive Office of Immigration Review, itself a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice. The EOIR works hand in hand with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (part of the Department of Homeland Security), and was commissioned by the Attorney General in 2006.

Deportation hearings, as any court hearing will require, involve security screenings prior to entry into the court room. While all screenings should be conducted with due alacrity, there is the possibility that the screening process could be subject to delays. Despite the fact that a defendant might be in the court building at the designed start time of the trial, it is his or her responsibility to account for these delays and arrive early to the location of the hearing so that he or she may be in the courtroom for the exact time indicated on a Notice to Appear.

Deportation hearings are also subject to certain rules of conduct. Individuals summoned before a court and their legal representatives must be dressed properly and should not attempt to communicate with witnesses or opposing parties except for questions germane to the trial as part of normal court procedure. Children, unless involved in cases of deportations, should also generally not brought to Immigration Court and should be supervised, in any regard.

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