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Most Helpful Deportation Statistics

Deportation By Country Of Origin Statistics

Both documented and undocumented immigrants run the risk of deportation.

Although deportation laws tend to affect undocumented immigrants from all different countries, there is statistical proof that immigrants from particular areas are more likely to be deported than others. In fact, of all the deportations that occur on a yearly basis, Almost 95 percent are returned to North America, Central America and the Caribbean. These are the areas with the highest number of undocumented immigrants.

Statistically, the United States has a higher number of both legal and undocumented immigrants from Mexico than any other country. Roughly 30 percent of the nation’s 38 million immigrants are Mexican. This is due to the close proximity between Mexico and the United States. Mexico is also the country with by far the highest number of undocumented immigrants who are affected by deportation laws, as more Mexican immigrants are deported from America than any other nationality in the world; 2008 statistics place the number of total Mexican deportees near a quarter of a million. The majority of them are deported for being involved with or committing a criminalvisas

Other nations, meanwhile, also supply significant numbers of illegal immigrants, and thus, stand to take in a higher number of deportees. As of the most recent DHS figures, the Central American nations of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador suffered relatively high tallies of persons deported, each exceeding 20,000 total. The Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador also were forced to reclaim 2,300 or more of their nationals each. Perhaps startlingly, deportees from all other countries of origin managed less than 24,000 people.

Although deportation laws are typically supposed to affect all immigrants in the same way, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Canadian deportees only make up about 7% of the yearly deportation rate, leading many to believe that the government tends to look less favorably on both immigrants from Hispanic countries.

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