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Where to Ask Questions on Deportation

Questions On Deportation

Immigration laws regarding deportation will vary from country to country. Generally speaking, deportation is usually a form of punishment, typically because an individual has entered or resides in a country under illegal terms. Therefore, questions on deportation should always be directed to the proper immigration authority for that particular nation.

In the United States, the appropriate agency to contact would be the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which can provide for details in regards to deportation laws and situations.

Questions on deportation will vary depending on the particular situation at hand. However, generally speaking, it can be said that any person that has the status of an illegal immigrant or alien in the United States can face possible deportation if apprehended by an appropriate law enforcement agency.

Even individuals that have proper authority to be in the country, such as those with valid visas or a Permanent Resident card can face deportation if the proper documentation cannot be provided at any given situation when dealing with law enforcement.

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