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Necessary Requirements for a Marriage Visa

Fiance Visa Requirements

Despite all of the normal considerations and special considerations you and your family may have had to take to get approved through the National Visa Center and have an interview scheduled for visas for marriage, the work certainly does not stop once you get to the final stage.

If nothing else, the need to safeguard against any gaps in one's history and documentation is only magnified as a result of the interview process. A marriage/fiancé visa, as a result of being so frequently defrauded in the past and with new attempts always happening, is under a lot more scrutiny due to the high incidence of green card marriages.

1. Certified translations – Whenever possible, U.S. embassies and consulates will prefer to deal in the English language. In fact, for some visa forms such as visas for diversity, the application will only be eligible if completed in English. Any translation must included a signed statement saying the translation is accurate and that the translator was in charge of his or her faculties.

2. Fingerprinting/biometrics and medical tests – Of course, failing to uphold a good moral character and participating in actions that could endanger the American people could hurt your chances of successfully earning visas for travel to the United States. As part of the testing phase of the visa application process, fingerprints will be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for review, and potentially you could be rejected for your bid for a visa if you fail to pass vaccinations. In some countries, though a select few, possessing the HIV virus will also prevent you from entry.

3. Single entry vs. multiple entry marriage visas – The non-immigrant K-class visas are distinguished between a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa. The K-3 marriage visa is a multiple entry visa, while the K-1 fiancé visa is a single entry visa that prohibits return on the same visa. You will have to return on a new entry visa should you choose this route.

4. Failing to pass customs – Even with a visa, a violation at customs upon arrival at a U.S. port-of-entry will invalidate the visa.

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