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Identification Cards for Illegal Aliens

Identification Cards

It has been debated and argued that immigrant rights should not even exist for an illegal immigrant, as they have no legal authority to reside in the United States. Many politicians and organizations have released official statements declaring that giving illegal immigrants licenses and identification cards is actually a threat to national security and as such, should never be allowed.

Still others counter this, stating that giving an illegal immigrant the right to have an identification card or driver's license. It has also been maintained that by extending immigrant rights to allow an illegal immigrant to have an identification card, police would have an easier time of locating and identifying people who either are unsure or are unable to communicate their identities; this would also apply to an illegal immigrant whom might falsely identify himself by claiming a name that is not consistent with the name on their identity card.

For the most part, it is generally agreed that any person over the age of 16 should have an identification card. In fact, in many states, being without some sort of identification is considered a misdemeanor. Yet, there are few cities and states that will grant identification cards and driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

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