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Quick Guide to Honduras Immigration Law

Hondorous Immigration Law

The country of Honduras has its own laws and statues that deal with immigration and deportation situations. In accordance to Hondorous immigration law, all foreign travelers entering the country will need to obtain the proper visas.

There are exceptions as to who will need a visa, for there are various countries that Hondorous immigration law will not require visas from. Among some of these countries are the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Canada. Other countries that are not listed under the exceptions provided by Hondorous immigration law will require a proper visa. Typically speaking, Hondourous immigration law allows for visas to be given for a total of six months.

Those that will stay in the country beyond the six month term may face Honduras deportation action, for such visitors will then be considered to be illegally residing in the country. It is important to consult with nearest Honduran embassy to gather the proper information regarding Hondorous immigration law and Honduras deportation situations. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact immigration lawyers.

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