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The 4 Biggest Challenges of Immigration Law Reform

Challenge Of Immigration Law Reform

1. Border security – A critical component of any piece of immigration reform law will be the funds and approaches devoted to securing our nation's DemocratsRepublicans

2. Cracking down on employers of illegal immigrants – There is considerable incentive for immigrants to disregard border laws if they can secure employment on American soil without having to endure cumbersome, costly legal means. Frequently, these aliens will not even possess a specific skill or trade when seeking employment. There is some debate on this issue, as proponents of a more Draconian immigration reform law would have undocumented denizens more swiftly

3. Provide a path to citizenship - This is probably the most hotly-contested of all the parts of stated presidential immigrant reform agendas. A number of Americans support a route to new immigration law that goes through a system of amnesty for current illegals. Perhaps getting off with a slap on the wrist in the form of a fine and being sent to the back of the line of the immigration process, illegals under this plan could still see themselves as

4. Maintain a good working relationship with Mexico – The idea under for making improvements in Mexico is to make illegal entry into the U.S. less appealing; ideally, any new immigration law would be buttressed by Mexico's agreement to do their part to help themselves economically.

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