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How has Obama Handled the Issue of Immigration?

Obama On Immigration During The 2010 State Of The Union Address

Prior to his inauguration as President of the United States, Barack Obama pledged to institute the Obama immigration policy, which would include sweeping immigration changes, or at the least, address the sundry immigration problems America faces. However, a year into his term as head of the country, Obama's administration failed to yield any significant changes to the

Unfortunately for those who were most eager to hear him speak about the immigration problems facing the country, Barack Obama did little to address the situation. In fact, the President's speech was characterized just as much by the omission of details as by their inclusion regarding the immigration debate. While, to be fair, President Obama does have a lot on his plate, and problems such as the nation's unemployment rate and desperate calls for health care reform are of much greater priority than immigration, the immigration debate cannot be summarily ignored. Though President Obama did reference immigration problems facing the nation by name, specifically, citizenship

For participants in the immigration debate with strong opinions on the issue, this did little to assuage their concerns about the statuses of legal immigration and illegal immigration in the United States. Some, in truth, see this as a herald of doom for the resolution of immigration problems in America, at least in the near future, and reading between the lines, they see the absence of new material in the president's words as a sign that the issue of immigration is being put aside for the time being.

Regardless of political position, though, many find fault with the President on the simple basis that he has neglected to adhere to his earlier promises. While some are critics who merely want the man to live up to his word, others such as Mexican migrants who stand to benefit or be hurt in practical terms can not afford to be as patient. Many believe that the Obama immigration policy would fix many of our immigration problems if it was actually enacted.

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