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The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal

Asylum And Immigration Tribunal

An Asylum and Immigration Tribunal was a type of tribunal that is put in place to hear and rule in regards to issue of asylum and immigration. What asylum means, in this case, is if a person is being persecuted in their native land because of religious or political beliefs, and they flee a sovereign country, that country could grant them an asylum of protection. What this means is as long as they are on the sovereign country’s territory they are protected under their law and cannot be persecuted by the native land.

This Asylum and Immigration Tribunal was set in place, starting in the United Kingdom, as a way in which cases of immigration and asylum matters could be heard under their own terms and within the realm of those specialized in this type of law. An asylum and immigration tribunal often deals with matters of appeals as well.

An appeal is brought to the asylum and immigration tribunal by a respected professional that takes up the case; often the cases are appeals towards a denial of an leave to remain in the United Kingdom, appeals for asylum, when it is denied to an individual, and appeals regarding deportation of someone who is currently living in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to the asylum and immigration tribunal, the appeals and matters brought there are often sorted out on a case-by-case basis. This means that what ruling is given for one individual could be the opposite of what the next person receives. It depends on the appeals and the legitimacy found by the tribunal. Furthermore, in 2010, the asylum and immigration tribunal was changed to asylum and immigration chamber. This body is now more of a cohesive operation that works to listen to those seeking judgment and appeal.

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