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The Center for Information Studies

Center For Information Studies

The Center for Immigration Studies is a non-profit, independent research organization that was founded in 1985. The purpose of the organization is to provide information about the affects of legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. They focus on issues such as the economy, society, government, and even security issues regarding the current status of the United States.

Essentially, what the Center for Immigration Studies does is it compiles information about the trends of Immigration to USA, issues regarding all the previously stated aspects, and other objective information that helps the general public, government officials, policy makers and many more stay informed about the United States and immigration to USA.

The Center for Immigration Studies provides resources accessible through the Internet for those who are concerned about or interested in issues regarding immigration. There are blogs on their website, as well as ways in which individuals can get in contact with them. There are also links to their hard copy works; these can be obtained for home reading and personal knowledge gain.

The Center for Immigration Studies is comprised of respected individuals from government, civil service, and those of academic backgrounds; these individuals come together to bring compile the information and distribute it to the public in order to keep the public involved and aware of the status of the United States, and what factors play the reformation and strengthening or weakening of the overall machinations of the U.S.

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