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4 Basic Rights of a US Citizen?

Rights Of A Naturalized Citizen

For some immigrants to the United States, it may not be immediately clear why they should apply for citizenship. After all, illegal immigrants may be able to live in the country, evading prosecution or deportation for the entire duration of their stay. Furthermore, even for legal immigrants, there are fees and much preparation that comes along with becoming a naturalized citizen, so here are some of basic rewards: 1. VOTING: Voting in federal elections – For more jaded residents of the United States, wanting to apply for citizenship simply to be able to vote for President may seem like a wasted effort, especially if they believe that one vote does not make a difference. Recently, though, voter turnout among naturalized citizens has reached all-time highs. While this group may not be enough to carry a candidate nationally, at least in close races for individual states, blocs of naturalized voters may be enough to propel their candidate of choice to a majority victory. 2. REUNITE WITH IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Bringing family members to the country – Clearly, for many immigrant laborers in the United States who are supporting family members abroad, this will be a great motivating factor for them to apply for citizenship. Rather than remain isolated from people they love waiting in foreign countries, the whole family unit can live and grow in America at the request of naturalized citizens. Furthermore, with a citizen parent as a sponsor, children will be able to become full citizens without the waits associated with adult applications for citizenship. 3. US PASSPORT: Use a passport to travel – For travel to some countries, even in the short term, a visa will be needed by United States citizens to enter the country. For many others, especially in Europe, though, a European UnionSchengen 4. GOVERNMENT JOBS - many government jobs require US citizenship to apply. Carrying some of the best health and pension benefits, these jobs are very valuable and becoming a US citizen opens up doors for career growth in many fields..

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