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Indian Passport Application Form

Indian Passport Application Form

An Indian passport is regarded as one of the most important documents for a citizen of India. The document is primarily used for the purpose of international travel, although it is also a critical of identification and citizenship. The Consular Passport and Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs are the agencies responsible for issuing a passport in India. The document did not become mandatory for entry and exit into India until the Defense Act was instituted in 1914. Typically the average passport term is 10 years, however, a large percentage of India's population is unaware of the process required to fill out an Indian passport application form.

The easiest way to access an Indian passport application form is through the Internet. The country is widely fragmented and overpopulated, making the Internet the most suitable resource to obtain an Indian passport application form.

In India, there are three types of passports: the Regular Passport,the Official Passport, and the Diplomatic passport. As stated before, to access the Regular Passport, which is used by the average citizen of India, one must go online, to '' to access the Indian passport application form. The online application form will ask for basic information; upon completing the online form the applicant must print out the form and bring it to an Indian passport office. While

at the office, an applicant must provide the government officials with money to pay a fee, and supporting documents that prove citizenship and identification--typically a birth certificate and a proof of citizenship are required.

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