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Processing and Fees For A Passport

Processing And Fees

Due to new travel restrictions and rules, passports are required now more than ever. Previously, passports were not required for all travel outside of the United States. For instance, passports were not previously required for travel to Canada or Mexico. However, there are new and strict regulations that now require United States passports for citizens that wish to gain re-entry into the U.S., even when traveling to and from, those countries. Due to the increased demand, citizens should begin the passport process as early as possible. Generally, an adult passport processed costs about one hundred dollars and for children, it is a few dollars less.

Due to the new regulations and requirements, the wait for a passport can be much longer than it had been in the past. Once a citizen has filed their paperwork to obtain the passport, the wait time for receiving the passport can vary depending on many factors. First, the summer months generally involve a longer wait time due to the high demand for new passports. In addition, processing can take longer during times of natural disasters or times at which National security is an issue. For regular United States passport applications, there is no guarantee of the length of processing time. Those that wish to expedite their passport may do so by paying sixty dollars as an expedition fee

The fee for a United States Passport is generally about one hundred to one hundred and twenty dollars. In addition to the cost of the passport, there are additional fees when a citizen wishes to expedite their United States passport. Citizens also require passport photos for their United States passport, which generally cost less than fifteen dollars at locations which specifically take passport photos.

Once an application for a passport has been completed, the wait time to receive the passport is generally four to six weeks, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, which may take the process take longer.Passports last ten years for adults and six years for minors under the age of sixteen. Once a passport has been processed in person, citizens can renew their passport via the mail. Documents should be handled with care when mailing them because they are proof of citizenship.

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