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Finding a Passport Office in Bangalore, India

Find Indian Passport Office

Bangalore, India is the capital of Karnataka. Nicknamed the Garden City, Bangalore is India's third most populated city--Bangalore contains nearly 6 million people. As a result of its size and population, the city offers numerous passport offices for its citizens. Typically a city as dense, and as large as Bangalore will offer multiple offices to its residents.

The Indian passport is a crucial document that not only enables a citizen of the country to travel internationally and re-enter their homeland, but it also serves as a valuable and accepted form of identification. These forms of documentation are regulated by the country's federal government. As a result of their importance, they can only be obtained at specialized buildings or institutions. Throughout India, major cities and urban developments contain a number of both local and regional passport offices. The dominant passport office in Bangalore is a massive, regional structure, that began functioning in 1978.

The regional passport office of Bangalore covers all the districts of Karnataka. The regional office in Bangalore is located at 80 ft Road, 8th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore India 560095. To apply for a passport at the regional office of Bangalore an individual must first obtain an application. These applications, which can be found online, requires a proof of address, a proof of date of birth, a citizenship document, an identity certificate, and a fee to pay for the costs associated with shipping and filing.

Aside from the aforementioned passport office in Bangalore, there are numerous establishments strewn throughout the city, that offer a citizen the ability to obtain a passport. The typical passport office in Bangalore, as a result of the city's booming population is incredibly busy. As a result, it is a wise decision to fill the application before entering a passport office in Bangalore.

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