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All About Irish Passport Offices

Irish Passport Office

As is common with most countries, an Irish passport, can only be obtained by citizens of Ireland. People who travel internationally from Ireland must possess an Irish passport even for travel within Europe, and more specifically, within the European Union. Applying for an Irish passport is a fairly easy process, and can be accomplished via mail or in person. Typically speaking, once the application is received, a passport should be obtained within 4 to 6 weeks.

Numerous buildings or institutions throughout Ireland are capable of producing a passport for an Irish citizen. An Irish passport office is the building which holds the application forms. Without an Irish passport office, an individual would have no way of obtaining such important documentation. Any dwelling or institution that contains an Irish passport application can be considered an Irish passport office.

The majority of Irish post offices, all Garda Stations, the primary Irish passport office in Dublin and Cork, and lastly the majority of Citizen Advice Centers are buildings that contain application forms for an Irish passport. The various Irish passport offices all contain the same applications; the only difference between the buildings is processing time. That being said, the closest Irish passport office is the ideal selection, considering waiting times are inevitable in such a process.

Regardless of the differentiations between the locations, all establishments require that the same regulations and components of the Irish passport application be fulfilled. Two 38 by 50 mm photos, taken within the last 6 months, that provide a clear view of the applicant's face and an original copy of the applicant's Irish State birth certificate are required at the application process. In addition, a fee is attached to the application. If applying by mail, an individual must send his application to the main Irish passport office located in Dublin.

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