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Refugee Council At A Glance

Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is a United Kingdom based organization designed to assist those who are seeking asylum and other refugees. The Refugee Council provides support for refugees as they attempt to build lives within the United Kingdom, primarily by advocating for refugees in elements of the government, and by providing such assistance as job training and language schools for incoming refugees. The Refugee Council is the largest such organization in operation within the United Kingdom.

The Refugee Council functions in a number of different important ways throughout the areas in which it works. The Refugee Council offers, for example, some programs which are designed to help with building supportive and successful refugee communities. The Refugee Council also offers information on the current legal and governmental procedures surrounding refugees within the United Kingdom, and it also has significant connections to other, similar organizations throughout the world. The Refugee Council is an organization at which many individuals volunteer, though it also has some individuals who work there consistently.

The Refugee Council offers a number of services directly for refugees which are often very important for refugees in order to help them begin to build new lives. For example, the Refugee Council can help refugees by offering day centers at which refugees may put their kids for the day while they go to work. Furthermore, the Refugee Council helps refugees by offering some therapy options for those refugees who might be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, for example.

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