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The Troubling Causes for Displaced Persons

Causes For Displaced Persons

Displaced persona did not come to international attention only after World War II. Rather, World War II led to a crisis. Displaced persons could not be left to rebuild such destruction after World War II, so the newly created United Nations maintained a specific interest in providing for these individuals.

Another primary cause of the growing situations surrounding the difficulties of a displaced person came from decolonization ranging from Asia to Africa. The withdrawal of world powers left weak political institutions that would result in further unrest between large segments of entire populations.

Historically, the idea of a displaced person resonated but never enticed global consideration. Migration was a major part of life and not seen as extraordinary. As nation-states began forming from large expanses of previously colonized land, there was simply nowhere for a displaced person to reestablish. This made it abundantly clear that the international community would have to issue collaborative instruments to deal with current and future crises caused by displaced persons.

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