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Know Your USCIS Case Status!

Uscis Case Status

The United States Citizenship and immigration Services Department is responsible for administering, processing and delivering all requirements and intricacies associated with the issuance of visas, green cards, and other documents aligned with immigration.

To be fair to all applicants, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department will process cases based on the order of when they are filed. Typically, there lengthy waiting periods attached to each applicant; the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department will make a decision on a specific case and subsequently notify the applicant via mail. Additionally, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department will contact the underlying applicant via mail if any issues or questions arise concerning the particular application.

The most efficient way to monitor your particular case status is to visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department website, located at By accessing this government website, the individual applicant can observe the USCIS’ filing dates of cases that are near completion or are completed. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department will list this relevant information for each kind of case and for every USCIS office and service center. This information will inform the applicant as to how long it will take before a particular case is completed

While the applicant is observing this information, it is crucial to keep in mind that the processing time offered on the website is merely a projection of how long it will take to process cases that were filed before your particular case. Processing times will change depending on how many cases the UCSIS must process. That being said, the USCIS Case Status webpage will update their information as they process cases. If you do not hear from the USCIS within the processing time based on what they are completing currently, you must continuously check back or call the customer service department for updated processing time information.

In the majority of instances where a case is pending, the USCIS will work on other cases that are filed at an earlier time. During this process, many applicants will want to be able to track the processing of their particular case. As a result of this request, the USCIS will assign receipt numbers to each case that is processed in service centers and for the majority of new cases.

The receipt number assigned is simply an inventory control number that is attached to each case. The receipt will start with three letters and then contains a series of numbers. IF your particular case was assigned a receipt number, you will find your application on the receipt of notice or biometrics appointment notices that have been mailed.

The receipt number may be used on the USCIS website or delivered to a customer service representative to obtain automatic case status updates. With your receipt number, you can also register on the USCIS website to observe the most recent action taken on your case. Before using your receipt number you must be aware that the case status information offered is fairly basic and there is no additional or elaborate research processed to elucidate upon the affirmed decision date of your particular case.

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