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Where to Apply for a Business Visa

Where To Apply For A Business Visa

Application processing for business visas take place at U.S. embassies and overseas consulates. The U.S. embassy or consulate with which the business visa applicant will be interacting is the best way to receive information concerning programs that may exist to help businesses attain a visa. International companies or those located abroad should contact the embassy or consulate through the commercial section that governs their country.

Within the United States there are 188 foreign embassies and consulates. The purpose of these places is to assist the public, and individuals with travel, renewing a passport, seeking consulate assistance and guidance, or moving to another country. Embassies and consulates worldwide are in charge of programs to assist businesses and individuals.

One should keep in mind that the interview for the business visa does not mean that the application has been approved. Since the interview must take place at an embassy or consulate center, a consular agent still has to review the application and go over the results of the applicant's background screening. At the center, the individual may be required to take two new digital passport photographs. The photographs must be taken against a light background; you are not allowed to wear any article of clothing that covers the face unless it is a rule of their religion.

There are several online databases that make finding a local embassy for obtaining business visas easy. If a problem arises and the necessary scheduled interview appointment date is not early enough for the business visa applicant’s anticipated date of travel, the individual should reach out to their chosen U.S. embassy or consulate to request an expedited appointment. The applicant should also read the embassy's website; most ambassadorial websites will have a section for "how to" procedures for requesting an expedited appointment.

Applying for business visas can be a lengthy process depending on the time of year one is scheduled to travel. Accordingly, finding the closest embassy or consulate center and scheduling an interview quickly is necessary to obtain a business visa.

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